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Legal Compliance

Companies and other organizations are confronted with increasingly complex regulations, at home and abroad. Reports concerning costly breaches of regulations, lengthy investigations and lasting reputational damage hit the news frequently.
Once involved in such investigations, even companies primarily operating at a local level make the experience that law enforcement agencies today regularly engage in cross-border cooperation, for example by exchanging information to prosecute potential regulatory violations or corruption allegations. Likewise, competition law violations, breaches of export control regulations and sanctions, or failures to comply with privacy regulations today all entail substantial fines and potentially also civil damages.

Irrespective of size and sector, companies must, therefore, look into the compliance risks they may be facing, and into the measures they can take in order to prevent and adequately react to compliance failures. We support organizations with the set-up and implementation of compliance management systems tailored to their specific needs, by helping them to identify and assess the relevant risks, and to build up a suitable compliance organization. We advise on sector-specific legal risks, for example in the life sciences and technology sector, we offer tailored compliance trainings, and we stand ready to help if compliance breaches need to be addressed, whether internally or externally in relation to business partners and authorities.

Examples of our practice:

  • Compliance audits for the assessment of relevant risks and third-party compliance screenings.
  • Set-up and localisation of compliance management programs, codes of conduct and related guidelines.
  • Advising on sanctions, particularly in the context of contractual agreements.
  • Support with respect to the enforcement of compliance requirements in relation to third parties.
  • Internal investigations, particularly in the area of corruption, competition law, export controls, and cybersecurity, as well as in the context of MeToo! issues and other labour law matters.
  • Representation of parties in civil and criminal proceedings concerning the transfer of evidence or other data to foreign authorities.
  • Set-up of whistleblower hotlines; assistance in cases requiring a response to whistleblower alerts.
  • Advising on employment and data protection issues relevant for the investigation and sanctioning of compliance breaches.
  • Assessment of civil and criminal liabilities in connection with compliance failures and representation of parties in ensuing proceedings.
  • Analysis and assessment of data protection requirements, in particular in the context of digital business models.
  • Advising and supporting private individuals in relation to internal investigations, disciplinary measures and criminal proceedings.


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