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Patent Law

Patent Applications – Patent Enforcement – Patent Strategy

The core competences of IPrime include all consultations and services in relation to patent law. We have vast experience in domestic and foreign filing procedures, judicial enforcement, licensing and patent searches, as well as in the assessment of strategic patent issues.

Especially regarding complex patent matters, Dr. Rudolf A. Rentsch has many years of experience in Swiss and European patent litigation procedures, litigating and enforcing patents in the USA, Germany, Great Britain and many other European countries, as well as in China, Japan and South Korea.

Technology Focus:

  • Energy and process engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Electrical engineering, automatic, robotics, cryptography
  • Computer-implemented inventions, software, cryptography, display technologies
  • Medical technology and pharmacy
  • Mechanics, mechanical engineering, automotive, logistics
  • Physics, battery systems, vacuum and thin film technology, optics
  • Material and manufacturing technology, plastics technology, toolmaking
  • Robotics, cybertechnology, artificial intelligence (AI)

Consulting Areas:

  • Patent applications (international)
  • Utility model applications (foreign)
  • Licensing and distribution agreements
  • Technology transfer and commercialisation of IP
  • Legal enforcement of protective rights
  • International process coordination, especially in Europe, USA, China and Japan
  • IP arbitration
  • IP strategies