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Intellectual Property

Industrial Property Rights – Copyright – Technology Law

Innovation, Accelerated Technologisation and Globalisation Increase the Importance of Intellectual Property

Intellectual property has grown enormously in importance since the middle of the last century due to the economic upturn alongside transnational developments and the increasing globalisation of technology and innovation.

Applications for Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) have a wide range of objectives and benefits. When creating innovations, it is essential to perceive the potential that ideas may have in what can be outlined as a "polyvalence of protective rights". In particular, patents and utility models may serve a wide range of purposes. On the one hand, they are important for the classical protection of inventions. On the other hand, they also enable a so-called defensive effect, they are relevant for investment protection and they provide advantages in contract negotiations and, of course, in licensing transactions. In addition to that, they involve aspects of cross-border marketing and the valuation of enterprises.

In the context of commercial implementation of an idea, an invention or a work created, a holistic approach is always to be applied. Moreover, international transactions, technology transfer and licensing in Europe, USA, Asia, as well as other territories, must be considered.

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