New Swiss patent law commentary
The first edition of the commentary on the Swiss Patent Act published on 1 July 2019 covers Switzerland's most recent case law while also taking into account the practice in Europe

IPrime is delighted to announce the publication of the "Handkommentar zum Patentrecht" (commentary on patent law) published by Stämpfli (eds. Schweizer, Mark | Zech, Herbert). Among other practitioners, academics, judges and representatives of authoritites, Dr. Rudolf A. Rentsch and Dr. Moritz A. Kälin significantly contributed to this work (arts. 109-111 PatA, arts. 121-124 and arts. 131-138 PatA). Within this commentary comprising more than 1'000 pages, Dr. Rentsch and Dr. Kälin mainly addressed the applicable law provisions governing European patent applications and European patents in Switzerland as well as their interplay with Swiss domestic law.

Considering that this commentary incorporates not only the latest case law of the Federal Supreme Court and the Federal Patent Court, but also the practice of the European Patent Office as well as the case law of the European Union, the commentary is assumed to quickly establish itself as a standard reference. Therein, the amendments to the Patent Act effective as of 1 January 2019 (doctors' and pharmacists' privilege, extension of paediatric supplementary protection certificates) are commented for the first time. The commentary published by Stämpfli Verlag, Bern, is targeted at attorneys at law as well as patent attorneys and is intended to serve as a scientific contribution to Swiss patent law.