EU - Japan Economic Partnership Agreement signed
IPrime, CMS und Langmann presented implications of this EU-JP Partnership Agreement in Dusseldorf

The signing of this agreement leads to the world's largest bilateral trade agreement so far, creating a huge free trade region and effecting also intellectual property rights
This year Japan and the European Union (EU) have signed the world's largest bilateral trade agreement ever. The JP-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (JEEPA) does create an open trade territory of around one third of the global gross domestic product.

Chapter 14 of the Agreement deals with essential aspects of intellectual property and, in particular, geographical indications of origin and copyright as well as performers rights. The Agreement includes also stipulations regarding patent term extension (supplementary protection certificates) and grace periods.

As part of a common public event in Dusseldorf, IPrime, CMS and Langmann presented the significance and the impact of this economic agreement between Japan and Europe that will enter into force in 2019

Dusseldorf, 21 September 2109